Releasing Solstice Pay for the Solana Riptide Hackathon

Justin and I have been settling our everyday balances with cryptocurrency for a few years now. Originally we used Ethereum, but quickly ran into problems with high gas fees. Solana offered a much better experience for us, but didn't have any convenient open source mobile wallets available. On top of that, it only ever worked out between the two of us - we'd never be able to get our other friends on board.

The Solana Riptide Hackathon offered us an excellent opportunity to build a tool that would be useful for us. Inga's design skills gave us the chance to make it useful for the rest of the world, too. It's been a long journey, but as it draws to an end, we feel we've built an amazing app with a lot of potential.

Our submission video

We put together a video as part of our submission. It's a pitch and a demo rolled into one high-production-value package. It's a great visual way to introduce yourself to Solstice Pay's vision!

Our source code

To celebrate our submission, we've officially released our code repository under the GPLv3 license. This ensures that Solstice Pay will always stay open, user-respecting, and available to anyone who wants to use it.

Next steps

This is the start, not the end! We'd like to start bringing Solstice Pay to more people, one user at a time. And we need your help for that. If you agree with Solstice Pay's mission, we'd really appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback and drive adoption in your own circles of friends. Perhaps you can even contribute some code!

We'd like to congratulate all the other entrants in the Solana Riptide Hackathon for building and sharing awesome projects with the world. Best of luck with the prizes!